Sunday, September 23, 2012

La Femme Blush Haul and Review

I have a special treat for you all today! I have found some blushes for you all that are high end quality for a low end price.   I have heard many bloggers and YouTubers discuss La Femme blushes for awhile now and I finally purchased my own. Keep reading to check out the goods.

I ordered six of these lovely blushes off of MAKEUPMANIA.COM and not only was the shipping SUPER fast but each blush was only $3.50! You can order them in the pans for $2.50 if you would like to create a palette.

This is more of a maroon color with very pretty sparkles. It looks gorgeous against my brown skin and is perfect for the fall.

If you are a girl who loves a nice Barbie pink blush this is for you. It is a beautifully pigmented pink. I adore it.

Out of all of the blushes I purchased this one is my FAVORITE!!!! It is like a magenta color, also with sparkle and it is veryyy pigmented so you need to be light handed when you apply it.

I don't own any lilac blushes so I really wanted to try this one out. Since my skin tone is deeper I have to layer this color to get the pigment I desire so I would recommend this blush more to my fairer toned ladies.

Precious plum is a lighter version of satin rose and it is just as lovely. When I want to go heavier on my eyeshadow or lipstick this would be the blush I reach for.

GRAPE $3.50
This is my second favorite!! The name is a little misleading because it is not purple but it is a deeper magenta. Again this blush is very pigmented, beautiful and I think it'd be lovely on all skin tones.

Overall I would give these blushes an A++! I bought six and with shipping only paid about $27. That is about the price of one NARS blush. You just can't beat the quality and pigmentation in these blushes. There are also tons of colors to choose from so if you are fairer or darker skinned you have more options than what I have shown you. I hope this post was helpful, happy shopping :D


  1. These look beautiful! I love the bold colours. Rose Chiffon is just stunning!

    1. Girl yes I am in love with them all :))))

  2. I'm definitely gonna try these out!

    1. Girl you HAVE to they are the best purchase I have made in a long time!

  3. i have never used a blush before. I suppose I should try one of these out :P

    I have a new post on my blog :) let me know what you think about my handmade skirt!

  4. Oohhh they are so pigmented! I wanna see them on ur face! Lol, I want to start using blush but I don't really understand how to apply. Maybe you can explain how? :)

    ~Kelsi Mikel~

  5. ohh my goodness!!!
    I'm totally sold!! I absolutely love's kind of an obsession. :)

    I'm gonna order some tonight!
    Thank you for seriously posting an awesome post!! Sooo pretty, I love all the colors.

  6. I love blush, The Satin Rose is my favorite, and for those prices you really can't go wrong. I am definitely adding La Femme to my shopping list


  7. These blushes look amazing. I love pink blushes and they look great on you. :D


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