Sunday, March 3, 2013

Style Crush: Nicki Minaj

So I did a post on Nicki Minaj awhile back but her new style has me wowed. I loved her style when she first came out, black and pink hair, Barbie necklace and those fun, sexy dresses. Along the way it became a Harijuku/Lady Gaga mess. Her fashion lately has been on POINT and really shows off how beautiful she is. 

She went from this utter catastrophe...


 *check out Kimmy though, just gorgeous! 

I love everything about her new look, this is fashion done right. She's more polished, but she's still Nicki. Even her makeup looks a million times better (who could forget those horrid contour photos *yikes*). I just love a look that is put together, and she does that effortlessly  and still looks youthful at the same time. 

And look at that body! I don't care what has been surgically enhanced, her body is banging! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, who are your current style crushes?


  1. I love her style now even more than before :)

    x Angie

  2. I adore the make up she has been wearing recently on American Idol, gorge!

  3. she does look better overtime and i actually quite like her dress :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. Nicki looks gorgeous! im glad she (perhaps) has a new stylish thats letting her know, looking like a clown isnt sexy to most!

  5. Loving her new style, so sleek, xoxo.

  6. Couldn't agree more, she looks sooo good! x

  7. Niki - The ever hottest style icon.. You should check her when she wears eyeglasses and sunglasses.. She simply states out of this world.. :)

  8. love her new style... thank u Jesus


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