Monday, April 15, 2013

I Love Spring Fashion and Beauty Tag!

Long time no see my loves! Sorry for the longer gaps in my posts, I've had a lot going on. But I am back with a tag for you all. Check out my must haves for the new spring season :)

1. Favorite spring nail polish?
I don't really have a favorite nail polish since I wear glitter powder 90% of the time; but I love hot pink nails. They just scream spring, mint is another favorite too.

2. What is your favorite lip color this spring?
I'm loving all of the Milani Color Statement lipsticks right now but my favorite would be Rose Hip. It's a beautiful, bright, Barbie pink lipstick and it is 10x better than MAC Candy Yum Yum.

3. What is your favorite spring flower?
White lilies! They're a so feminine and brighten up your day.

4. Favorite spring accesorry? 
Big, square sunglasses! I recently bought some from and I love them so much. You can put them on with anything and they look great.

5. Favorite trend for spring?
Right now I love anything that is acid wash. Jackets, jeans, shorts everything!

6. Favorite perfume for spring?
Daisy by Marc Jacobs for sure. I usually like stronger scents for the winter and fall but for spring and summer this scent is so light and perfect.

Feel free to tag yourselves , I'd love to see what your favorite spring items are, ttyl <3


  1. I love hot pink nails too! I think I own about 5 nail polishes that are pretty much exactly the same shade just because I can't walk past them haha!

    Maxine, xx

  2. I'm the same way with pink lipstick!

  3. Hey dear it is so good to have you back with a post, I was wondering where you were. I am in love with your spring picks especially the lip stick (I am wearing a bright pink shade in my next post be sure to check it out dear )and nail colors. xx

    1. Sure will your blog is doing so good congrats

  4. Gorgeous nail varnish colour so bright lovely for spring/summer. And Marc Jacobs is by far my fave scent for spring x

  5. Great tag, love that nail polish and lipstick.

  6. Love the lip and nail polish color great pics and fun tag.


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