Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Style Star Throwback: Scarlett O'Hara

Calling all Southern Belles, this post is for you! Gone with the Wind has always been one of my favorite movies and books. It was such an epic drama and a classic to this day. The fashion in that movie stood out as well. My friend Sade thought Scarlett would make a great "Style Star Throwback" so let's take a look at some of her most famous looks!

Viven Leigh was just freakin gorgg, they just don't make stars anymore! Who could forget Scarlett's famous green dress made of drapes? If you love southern accents, making fun of the "Yankess" and excellent acting you will love this movie. And wasn't Clark Gable a hottie? Oooo la la let me go! Goodnight yall. I hope you enjoyed this post. 


  1. Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite classic movie!

    1. It's like a day long but it is a really good movie!

  2. Oh I love love love Gone with the Wind. My mom used to call me Miss. Scarlet because of my personality and I eventually became so attached to the name that we name our first born Scarlette (and our last name is O'Haver haha)She upholds the name quite well : )



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