Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Style Crush: Lauren Conrad

First off let me wish you all a Happy New Year! I look forward to continuing my fashion and beauty journey with you all into 2013. 

I have really been into LC lately. She wasn't my fave character on The Hills (#TeamAudrina) but I can respect her style. She keeps it classy and simple but she's always on trend. Let's look at some of my favorite looks.

Isn't she adorable. I love her ombre hair too! What do you guys think of LC? Let me know and again Happy New Year :)


  1. I am such a big fan of LC! her style is just incredible! I'm actually hoping to get her style & beauty books tomorrow, I hear they are both filled with amazing tips! happy new year lovely. :)


  2. Beautiful post. LC is just too perfect!!! I really love her sense of style, and you found such pretty pics of her. Wish you the best in 2013 :-)

  3. I have loved her from the first season of Laguna Beach! She's definitely someone I idolize. Her books are pretty amazing as well!


  4. I love LC!! Her style is so simple and somewhat conservative! She also has published a couple of books you should check out if you already own one. :) Great post love.

    1. I have ALL of her books in my cart on Amazon! I can't wait to order them!

  5. I was planning on doing a post on her also. She is my style inspiration. Classy and chic. She's my modern day fashion icon! Great post!!!

  6. Yes, she's adorable! Love these photos. Wish I had her sense of style, but don't we all? :)

  7. Glad you featured her, she does have a lovely sense of style - very classy, trendy plus she is always so lady-like. I am off to check out her books on amazon.

  8. I may not be a fashionista but I absolutely love her! You can win Starstruck signed by Lauren Conrad on my new blog (please excuse the extremely lame blog design, I haven't gotten around to working on it). It's also international!

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  10. She is so adorable!!! LOVE her style!! Great post mamas!! <3


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