Monday, July 30, 2012

This or That Fashion, Nails and Hair Tag

I couldn't resist! I love these things :D

*Jeans or sweatpants? JEANS! I only wear sweatpants if I'm working out, late for class or I'm on my period and feel too ugly to be fashionable.
*Long sleeve or short? I prefer long sleeves because I have chunky arms (just keeping it real!) but seeing as how I live in Texas that is not always feasible lol.
*Dresses or skirts? Skirts because they are more versatile.
*Stripes or plaid? I don't own much of either...
*Flip flops or sandals? I don't own a single pair of flip flops! They just aren't... GLAM enough for me. Give me a nice gladiator sandal any day.
*Scarves or hats? For sure scarves but I love beanies in the winter :)
*Studs or dangly earrings? It depends on the outfit but probably dangly.
*Cowboy boots or Riding boots? BOTH! I'm from Texas darlin'! I want a pair of pink and turquoise cowboy boots and riding boots in black and tan. 
*Jacket or hoodie? Jackets, especially blazers. I don't even own a hoodie, but I do think the PINK ones from Victoria's Secret are adorable. 
*Necklaces or bracelets? Both, the gaudier for me the better. Ha!
*Forever21 or Charlotte Russe? Forever21

*Curly or straight? Straight. I used to like curly hair a lot but I feel if you have a full face it can emphasize that.
*Bun or ponytail? BOTH!
*Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby pins, I wore butterfly clips in 5th grade -__-
*Hairspray or gel? Gel (I prefer JAM), I have to have my edges smooth.
*Long or short? Long
*Side or Full bang? Side
*Up or down? Down, what's the point in buying weave if you can't show it off ??

*Paris Hilton or Perez Hilton? Def Perez. Once Paris dissed Kim K on the radio she was immediately on my list! 
*Rollerskating or Ice skating? Rollerskating, I was a beast in my younger days.
*Pink or Purple? PINK <3
*Nose or Monroe piercings? I don't like face piercings.
*Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj? It's Barbie b****!
*Vampire or werewolf? Neither, I'd rather be a witch! #TeamGryffindor 
*Twilight or Harry Potter? *see above*
*Single or in a relationship? Uhm, is there a "totally confused" option? Lmao!

That was FUN! I love doing these because it let's you all know more and more about me. Do it on your blogs, you'll enjoy it I promise <3


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  2. Cute post! i definitely pick jeans over sweatpants any day too

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