Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Black Everything: Kim and Kanye

Look who has become a part of the All Black Dynasty! I don't know if it's Kanye or if she is just in love but Kim Kardashian's fashion game has been ON POINT lately. I loveee black anyways so her wardrobe lately has been calling my name. Check out some of the best Kimye looks. 

Isn't she gorgeous? While on this weight loss journey I Google pics of her ALL THE TIME to keep me on track. Ahh I love my style guru. You even notice she has tamed down her extensions and makeup, I love it. Go Kimmy, Go Kimmy, Go Kimmy :D


  1. She is so sexy and stylish! Love her figure, and she dress up well for her assets! Love it. Thank u for the lovely comments, love ur blog and style too! Im ur newest follower on gfc, bloglovin. Lets keep in touch


  2. Yes she makes not being skinny sexy!

  3. Kim has such great style. She always knows how to look glamorous and sexy!

  4. She's a sexy lady ! I think with Kanye they make a cute couple !

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  5. She is one fashionista lady, great post! btw I just moved to a new blog please check it out and if you like it, please follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  6. I love all black emsembles, and Kim definitely knows how to dress!

  7. she's indeed gorgeous and I love that lace gown #...but I personally liked her more when she wore color!!


  8. I love Kim K's fashion sense!!! And now that she is coming with a plus size line of denim, the girl has my vote!!! I hope they come out with an entire plus size line of clothing!!!

    New follower here!!!!! Love your blog!!!!


  9. Thank God I'm not the only one totally obsesssseeedddd with KimYe! Kim should be saying "Yeezy Taught Me" because he really has stepped her wardrobe up 80%. ofcourse Kim has always styled herself bombshell like, but with Kanye it's just soo much more swagggggg. The two together aree even better! I love following their fashion looks! I might try to do an inspired look soon!

    love the post Ash!

  10. i do feel like she's dressing herself now just to please Kanye. Shame i loved her glam outfits( don't get me wrong she's still glam but more haute couture)

  11. Love Kimye!! Are you sure your her number one fan cus I kinda might have to steal the title away from you Lol obsessed with th new kardashians so i just have to wait patiently for the next episode Lol amazing post she has become alot more monochrome since being with her fashion designer bf but shes still every bit as beautiful! Loovely post hun xox


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