Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't done one of these in awhile! So, enjoy loves :)

I think bow ties on women are super cool when done right. I plan on grabbing a few to experiment with a few looks.

So as I have mentioned in a few other posts, I have begun a weight loss program and I am proud to say I have lost 4.2 POUNDS so far! I feel super motivated and confident that I can achieve this goal. And I have found healthy food isn't so bad, I have started a whole new lifestyle and I must say it feels good!

This has to be what I'm loving the most so far! I could not have stuck to my weight loss goal so far without the help of my friend/Big Sis Jennifer *hey doll*, she motivated me to finally do something about these extra pounds. My other friends and family have been so supportive as well. Many people have a very condescending attitude towards weight loss and I'm here to tell you it is NOT easy but I feel better knowing I'm not doing it alone.

My mom was sweet enough to order me a new comforter set and I LOVE IT! She ordered it from for about $40. It looks so nice in my room and it just feels sophisticated.

So with the movie coming out soon *I'm pumped* lol I thought it would be cool to reread this novel. I absolutely fell in love with this book my junior year of high school, I had an amazing English teacher who really made it come to life. The love story, the parties, the 20s fashion ahhh this book is a must read.

I ran across these beauties on Google and I'm totally drooling! I have to learn to walk in heels yall so I can strut my stuff! 

and finally I chose this picture because I really feel like I'm doing all three. Love you guys. Later :)


  1. nice post! feels happy for you, and I'm looking forward for The Great Gatsby too :D
    I'm following you back now, have a nice day!

  2. I like the bow tie too ;)
    I saw the film of the great Gatsby but I never red the book *shameonme*

  3. thank you so much for your lovely comment! following xx

  4. Great post :) If only walking in heels was easy - I can't do it either! xx

  5. Awesome!! I can't walk in heels, my legs tend to buckle in. I need a great read so I'm going to look into this book and I definitely need to lay off the swiss rolls. Great post!!!

  6. those booties are amazing! xx

  7. Nice post ! Happy you reach ur goal ! Nice shoes !

    Xoxo | Chloé

  8. I love bow ties as well and I am also on a weight loss journey as well ♥

    1. You look great already! I'm trying to get like YOU :D

  9. great post, and i agree with you!!!

  10. Very cute post and love the shoes :) Following as promised

  11. I loved the Great Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald when I was in AP Lit back in the day! Great post!

  12. thank you so much :)!

    funny post dear! ;) & i love the last pic, it's a great motto! :)
    bisous xxx

  13. hey sweets!! omg...i just fell in love with your blog,oh so relatable! found u while BLOGLOVNG, which means im def following now! Im not a blogger but obsessed with all things fashion. i recently started IG and would love for us to follow each other,check me out! i cant find you..!

  14. Thanks everybody your support is so appreciated !

  15. awww absolutely loved this post <3 x


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