Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trending: Neon

Neon has been popping up everywhere and I love it because I'm really into bold colors. Take a look at some of these pics for inspiration.

Neon is really good for color blocking or mixing with pastels. Don't be afraid to be LOUD this season. Later loves <3


  1. Big fan of the neon trend myself! Especially the citron color!

  2. love neon!
    new post here!

  3. I just did a blog post about neon as well...Lol

    Keep well!

  4. Great post! Neon being so striking can either look amazing or a bit over the top! These ladies definitely did it right. I would, similarly to Kim K and Pippa, wear just one neon piece with some neutral tones, I think it will give some 'oomph' to the outfit without looking crazy! Will have to post some pics of my attempt soon haha!

    Really nice to come across your blog.

    Halima x

  5. cute blog girlie! let's follow each other xx

  6. I´m loving your blog!!


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