Thursday, August 9, 2012

PINK Warm & Cozy Body Butter Review

OK what girl doesn't love the PINK collection by Victoria's Secret? I definitely do. Since my local mall just got their very own PINK store I had to go check it out. 

*It smells SO good without being too overpowering. I know a lot of girls don't wear perfume a lot so this is a good alternative.
*The packaging is adorable, it will stand out nicely on a vanity or dresser.
*It has the thick consistency of a body butter but rubs in well. I HATE body butter/lotion that takes like 10min to rub in.

*The price. I guess $15 isn't too bad, I just personally think most PINK products are overpriced but the stuff is good so I guess it's worth it.
*Smell won't last all day.
*The smell is VERY sweet, this is not a con for me because I love vanilla but for some it may be a little too much.

*Overall I would buy this product again. I plan on going back for the lotion and spray!

I'd give this product an A-

I hope you guys found this review fun to read and helpful! What other PINK scents should I try? Later guys :D


  1. I love products from VS...I have to check it out!

  2. nice packaging :D

    1. The packaging for me is the best part.

  3. Good review Ash! I will definitely go try this body butter!


  4. I love PINK!! Right now I have to travel like 45 mins to the states to get it but in Sept Vancouver is finally getting their very own VS!! So excited!!

  5. Love the PINK body lotions! :)

  6. Hi there' thanks for stopping by ! Following you now , sorry for the late response ! Hugs from Nepal (:

  7. ah I wish we had a VS over here! it sounds divine, and hey I happen to like sweet smells :)

    thanks for following btw. following you back via gfc :)


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