Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Look Your Best for Any Interview

Hello ladies! Happy hump day :D So, with the holidays coming up I know many of you will be on the job hunt. I recently had an interview (keep your fingers crossed for me) and although the attire was casual, some of those women looked downright SLOPPY! 

Dolls, you can have a great personality and intellect to match, but the first thing people notice about you is your appearance. And I guarantee you employers will take how you dress into account, don't let your lack of fashion savvy keep you from landing that dream job. I have compiled a list here on how to dress for any interview. Let's go!

OK, I consider "casual interview attire" to be for jobs such as Victoria's Secret, Old Navy etc. These will be your more casual boutiques, clothing stores and restaurants like Chilis for example. You want your outfit for this occasion to be laid back yet put together. No need to put on a suit, but don't show up in sweat pants and a V-neck either.
*No ripped jeans
*No visible piercings/tattoos (I cover mine with makeup for interviews)

Business casual means no jeans! That is important, again you do not have to wear a whole suit unless you want to; but a nice blouse and a knee length skirt/slacks should be the look you're going for.
*If you have a dress or skirt that you feel is a little short (NOT A MINI) then add tights to make it look more professional.
*Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed.

This is for those jobs where you want to look SUPER professional, office jobs for example. Suits are the perfect choice for this category and it is best to stick to the basic colors but I will give you some subtle ways to jazz it up.
*Add stockings, pearls and a high bun to polish off these looks.

*If I were you I'd wear a cami underneath :)

I reserved this category for jobs at major department stores like Saks or stores like Bebe. The attire is still professional but it has a more trendy flair to it.
*Don't be afraid to mix prints or add textured tights, employers like this want to see that you are stylish and unique so you can bring that to the workplace.
*When in doubt think "The Devil Wears Prada"!

*No gum chewing, nail biting or fidgeting LOOK CONFIDENT
*No freakin tennis shoes! No lie a lady in my interview had on a T-shirt, jeans and SKETCHERS! #epicfail

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  1. LOVE THIS, super helpful. Thank you =)


  2. Those are some amazing options! I love all your tips

  3. Definitely needed this! I have a job interview next Wednesday. Good luck on your job!

  4. Thanks ladies!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. This is a really great post! It's always nerve wracking trying to figure out what is exactly right to wear to an interview!

  6. This was perfect, because some just do not know... I see this all the time in my office. Great post. Have a great night and week!

  7. great post! good tips! hope you can check out my blog :)


  8. My goodness this was sooo helpful!!!

  9. Amazing post! Love your blog will be checking out your blog daily :-) thank you for the comment so sweet of you!


  10. I like this feature because this is how i dress everyday particularly the casual and business causal cause i like looking glam and fierce all the way! <3


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