Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jewelry Organization Post

Hey lovelies! I am obsessed with my jewelry, handbags and perfume being very organized. I thought I would share with you all how I store my goodies! I hope you guys enjoy it :D

I store my bracelets and some of my necklaces on this three-tier stand I ordered from I keep this one on my nightstand and I LOVE IT SO MUCH because it makes my room feel like a boutique and now I can actually see the things I have!

This container is such a 90s throwback! I remember it came with some makeup or something for my birthday a LONG time ago. But it's cute so I use it for my fabric bib necklaces. 

This is another one of my favorite trays I bought about two years ago from Icing. I put my heavier earrings on the bottom rack because when put side by side they look so pretty. The two cuffs at the top were a little big for my rack so I thought they'd be pretty there. 

I bought this three-tier tray from Icing as well and I find it to be pretty useful. At the top I just have a sparkly bangle, second row is where I keep my stud earrings and at the bottom are a few nail polishes (which is crazy since I never do my own nails!) LOL. 

These dress things are pretty popular but I'm actually not a huge fan of these. But I needed somewhere to put my chandelier type earrings so this served that purpose.

Oooo la la I love, love, love my mini dress form! I usually keep a necklace or two on this just to jazz up my room a bit.

Last but not least I use my "hand" to store some of my rings, I'll probably invest in another one soon; this was another purchase from Icing!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it is so fun displaying your pretty trinkets! Turn your room into your very own boutique! Well, that's all folks TTYL <3


  1. I love it!! Jewelry is my weakness so I always like to see how other people store theirs. Great Post!

  2. You are so organised and you have beautiful jewellery!
    (Maybe you want to take a look at my Halloween contest)


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