Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finding Your Fashion Muse

I always hear from women that shopping at times overwhelms them because they don't know what to look for. The key to being fashionable is knowing what your style is. A great way to help find your inner fashionista is to find some "Fashion Idols" ! I will share with you all my fashion idols and maybe yall can think of some celebs, movies, places ANYTHING that will inspire you. 

-Marilyn Monroe represents my GLAM side. I love to go over the top with my jewelry.

-Lucille Ball represents my love for vintage items, like a bandanna around my hair or a pair of cat eye glasses.

-Jackie O adds an elegant and sophisticated vibe to my style. I love to be very feminine and classy.

-Audrey, Audrey, Audrey, like her I have A LOT of LBD's for every occasion. Black is my go to color all of the time.  

-Out of all my "Fashion Idols" my style is MOST similar to Kim K's. From the blazers, to the long black hair she is the epitome of mixing trendy pieces with classic pieces, which is what I aim to do when I create an outfit.

-CHER! OK I know she is not a real person, but I have always been inspired by the movie Clueless (post on that coming soon). Cher was always SO luxxxeeeeee. She represents my love for high end pieces like Chanel. Yall know she was super high maintenance. 

-Michelle Obama is my idol for many reasons and her fashion is just one of them. I even started collecting brooches because she collects brooches! She is basically the modern day Jackie O. I love everything about her.

-Ri-Ri! Now our styles would be the MOST different but I like to take bits and pieces from her and add it to my style. In high school I was so obsessed with her I chopped my hair to a bob and dyed it jet black just to match hers. I am classic in my style but I do like to take risks so I always look to her when I want to incorporate something funky into the mix.

What do you guys think?? I am telling you, having a muse helps. Sometimes I even google outfits from some of these ladies depending on where I'm going or the look I'm going for. I just take what I like from them and make it my own. So you all have homework. I challenge you all to find your own "Fashion Idol" good luck and have fun! Byeee. 


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  2. Love the whole comparison of old school and new school! Audrey is definitely at the top for me! <3


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