Friday, June 8, 2012

It's All About Me, Me, Me

I have wanted to do a post like this for awhile. I read blogs and watch YouTube videos myself and I always find myself having questions like, "I wonder what she does for fun, or what kind of music does she like?" This post will be fun and just let you know a little more about me. :)

Birthday: 5/13/1991
*I just turned 21, cheers*
I have the best mom in the world, I wanted a Tiffany and Co. cake for my birthday and she of course made it happen. I think it turned out really nicely.

Hometown: Conroe, TX (about 30 mins from Houston)

I graduated from Conroe High School in 2009! This is my Mom and Dad, I am an only child so we are pretty close. My Mom is a fashion fiend/makeup junkie too. Here are some other family pics for you guys :)

*My cousin Jasmine (Right, bottom corner) made this really cool pic of me, my grandmother (top left) and Aunt Tasha (above her daughter Jasmine). 

*Me and Jasmine AGAIN! She is my first cousin and she is absolutely bananas! 

*Mom and Grandfather at my uncles wedding.

*Aunt Tasha, Uncle Floyd (the lucky groom) and my Mama

*My Dad and I twins, physically and personality wise!

*I am the only one out of all my cousins who is an only child. So they are all like my siblings. We are all very close.

*My mom and my Aunt Tyran (my Dad's sister), now she is a true FASHION FIEND! She and my paternal grandmother are the ones who put me on to Louis Vuitton and I've been hooked ever since.

Favorite Color: 
Hot Pink, Black, Purple and Turquoise

Favorite TV Shows: *brace yourself it is A LOT*
- The Kardashians (duhh)
-Real Housewives of ATL/New Jersey
-The Doctors
-Law & Order: SVU
-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
-The Fashion Police
-I Love Lucy
-One Life to Live (until it was cancelled *tear)
-Hey Arnold

-Shopping (especially online)
-Reading *Harry Potter fanatic*
-Watching YouTube makeup videos
-Playing with my puppy Alex :)

-Lady Gaga
*Me at the Rihanna concert in Houston, TX last summer. She put on a GREAT show, it was soooo much fun. Def one of the best nights of my life.

-All of the Harry Potter films (I watch at least one a week)
-Lord of the Rings Trilogy
-Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
-The Wizard of Oz
-Gone with the Wind
-Some Like it Hot
-Roman Holiday
-Breakfast at Tiffany's
-Black Swan
-The Incredibles
-The Lion King
-All of the Toy Story films

So my college experience thus far has been VERY interesting LOL. I think it is a story worth telling. In high school I initially wanted to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising from The Art Institute of Houston. At the VERY LAST minute I changed my mind, like I literally applied to colleges two weeks before graduation. 

I was in between Texas Womans University, Stephen F. Austin University and the University of Houston. I wanted a "new experience'' so I chose TWU. While there I began as an Art History major, then switched to English with a minor in Art History, THEN I switched to English Education with a minor in Spanish!! It was a good school, just not right for me!

Now I attend Sam Houston State University, I have been here almost two years and I LOVE it so much. When I first transferred here I SWITCHED MAJORS AGAIN to Biology, I had plans to be a Physical Therapist, switched that next semester to nursing. HATED it!!

Now I am a Political Science major with a minor in Legal Studies and I love it! Never give up on yourself. Everybody's path to success is different.
*At the top is my certificate from my initiation into Phi Alpha Delta, a Pre-Law Honor Society and below is the pin emblem. It's so cool to be a member, Bill Clinton among others is a member as well!

-Graduate from college
-Graduate from law school and become a civil attorney
-I'd love to later become involved in politics, CNN, write books etc
-Own a boutique
-Get married, have 2.5 kids and the white picket fence :)

*Halloween 2012

*Me and my friend Brit on our way to Harwin to buy more BLING, my collection is quite small compared to hers.

*Me and my friend Katherine at the Rihanna concert!

*Me and my friend Eva on my 19th birthday!

*Me and Jessica at The Car Show in Houston, TX. I HATE this pic but she looks cute:)

*Halloween 2010

*This is on my right shoulder and it means "A beautiful life."

*This bow is on the inside of my right ankle. It is very feminine and whimsical just like me.

*This was my first tattoo EVER! I got it my freshman year of college and tried to hide it from my parents FOREVERRR. This pic was taken right after I got it. It was super painful but it came out nice.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! It was fun to take a trip down memory lane. I appreciate all of the love my blog has gotten since I've starting writing it, so it was my pleasure to share some of my personal life with you guys :)


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