Friday, June 8, 2012

What I Wore Today: Pretty in Pastels

I promised one of these posts and here it is! S/o to my girl Jelisa for being such a patient photographer. 

So I usually am not a pastel girl, I typically go for bold colors but I really wanted to wear this blazer. I ordered it in February and today was my first day wearing it. 

For many full figured women they tend to shy away from white, but this blazer fits very well and it is all about balance. Here are the details on my look:

*White Blazer FOREVER21 $27.80

*Lace Tank FOREVER21 $15.00

*Floral Denim Shorts FOREVER21 $27.80

*Jeweled Flats FOREVER21 $16.80

*Chandelier Earrings RUE21 $3

*Silver Knuckle Ring RUE21 $6

*Jeweled Knuckle Ring SAM MOON $8

*White Watch FOSSIL $75

This look was really fun for a dinner with a girlfriend, but it could also work for school or a date. I got a lot of compliments on this blazer, so if you haven't added one to your closet do it now! I adore all of my readers, bye loves!

Oh yeah sorry for the picture quality, my flash was being lame :( 


  1. hey girl thanks for checking out my blog! i followed back!

    I love your bow tattoo, my best friends about to get a bow too!


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