Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beautiful Lipsticks for the Summer: Covergirl Edition

Bonjour ladies! So the weather is warm and summer is right around the corner. Why be predictable and stick to clear lipgloss when you can step out in BOLD lipstick? I know some girls are a little apprehensive about lipstick, especially my women of color; but no worries. I have provided some beautiful colors that would flatter any skin tone. Take a look. 


  • I have tried many lipsticks and Covergirl is my favorite because they are so affordable, $7 and they feel very nourishing.
  • The quality is wonderfullll, just look at those swatches!
  • Don't be afraid of the high pigmentation in these colors, when paired with the right eye makeup you won't look clownish. 
  • My favorite is Spellbound and I have provided a picture below.
I am a big fan of pairing bold lips with a classic cat eye. You guys should totally try these colors and they had plenty more beautiful shades as well. Let me know how they work out. <3


  1. Wow! You are rocking this shade. I love bold/bright lips. Pinks and corals are my fav. Great post.

  2. Thanks so much! I just followed your blog. I loveee the background :)


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