Thursday, April 12, 2012

Items on my Birthday Wish List

As of tomorrow, my 21st birthday is officially in a month and I have had my list ready for some time now. *keeping fingers crossed*

I have wanted some Chanel makeup for awhile now, especially the beautiful eyeshadow quads. I'm normally an Urban Decay girl but I'd love to add a little luxe to my makeup collection.

You guys will soon learn that I am a Juicy Couture FIEND! My favorites are their perfumes and handbags. Isn't this one adorable?

The Kardashians just released a home goods section to add to their collection and this bed set is to DIE for. Ahhhmmazzziiinnngggg! Even if I don't get this for my birthday, I will def be purchasing this set as soon as possible.

This perfume by Georgio Armani is perfect for the summer. It is very light and reminds me of the beach. 

OK I know you guys may think this is weird but I have wanted a dress form for a very long time. I feel like they are so beautiful and I would love to have one in my bedroom.


Ombre is so HAWT right now and I will not be left out of this trend! I really want to try it, I think it is a super fun look for the summer.

I'll def keep yall posted on how many of these items I actually get LOL! 

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