Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bedroom Tour!!!!

Hello! I told you guys I would do a "Room Tour" and here it is. I plan on adding more things like a chair or vanity real soon. Maybe some of you could give me some ideas. I hope you like it.

*If you have space above your clothes use it to show off some of your nice heel and handbags

*This has to be my favorite thing in my room! My mom went to a garage sale with really RICH people lol, and a lady happened to be selling this. And it is REAL. I am in love.

*I love Breakfast at Tiffany's so I decided to incorporate some of the portraits from the film into my bedroom. I have another one close to my bed.

*Jewelry trays are another great way to show off your goodies! I bought mine from Icing. My dresser is a great place to store them.

*I adore my nightstand. I bought that mini dress form from Marshalls and it really adds something special to my room. And what is a room without Marilyn?

I hope you guys liked my room, I may do a living room/bathroom tour as well. Just thought this post would let you guys know a little more about me. Thanks for reading :)

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